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Qurat Ul Ain Nln (Annie)


Natural Language Processing RA

Annie is a Fulbright scholar from the MSc. Analytics program at the University of Chicago. She is particularly interested in literary cultures, growing complexity of datasets and the conditions in which texts are consumed and processed by humans and machines. Reading the poetry of Iqbal and Ghalib from an early age built her fascination with language. Being associated with MiiE has helped her further delve into the fascinating field of NLP and learn its theory and practice in a holistic way. Being a supporter of multi-disciplinary academic inquiry, Annie believes that data scientists, economists, linguistics and psychologists collaborating together can leverage an extraordinary breadth of interests and expertise with which we can understand, test, and analyze how humans and machines process written and spoken information. Annie is also interested in building communities and hosts monthly philosophy nights under her informal group "Hyde Park Salon".

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