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Ping-Jung Liu


Computer Vision and DL Research Data Scientist

Ping-Jung Liu is a full-time computer vision research assistant in the MiiE team. He is a huge enthusiast of technology, robotics in specific, who seeks to contribute to the current state of autonomous vehicles and how humans can better interact with machines. His research focuses on deep learning and algorithmic robotics. He is originally from Taipei, Taiwan and particularly enjoys the food there. He has been playing piano and violin for 20 years and also a fan of tennis. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Dartmouth College and a Master of Computer Science from University of Chicago. Ping-Jung first encountered the theme from Schindler's List performed by Itzhak Perlman when he was eight years old and listened to the piece daily ever since. It reminds him to always be kind to those less fortunate, to always have empathy, and to always fight for the greater good.

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