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Jarvis Lam


Computer Vision and Deep Learning RA

Jarvis Lam is a fourth-year at the University of Chicago majoring in Computational and Applied Mathematics (go CAM!). He is passionate about technology, social changes, and everything mildly related to the two topics. His past research has been mostly in the fields of deep learning, computer vision, and NLP, but he would like to expand his general tech knowledge. Outside of work, Jarvis likes to play guitar, cook, write, and read random blogs on the Internet. He is originally from a seaside town in Vietnam and moved to the U.S after high school. Jarvis enjoyed the privilege of growing up with books that reflected the richness of his culture. His ability to relate to his favorite character and understand the cultural nuances behind each text helped strengthen his own identity and bond with the Vietnamese people. Moving to the U.S, he realized how much he lost. He learned about how Asian Americans who grew up here suffered from a lack of narratives, the same ones that built his coherent identity. He hopes to make some difference here with MiiE project.

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