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Teodora Szasz

Director of Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Teodora engages the community of researchers involved in computational image analysis at The University of Chicago across multi-disciplinary areas including: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Public Policy, and Cancer Research.
She serves as a catalyst for solving challenging questions in the research teams that she is supporting, such as: predicting oxygen support for COVID-19 patients, detecting prostate cancer, and analysis of messages related to identity in official educational setting. Teodora brings to the field practical expertise in state-of-the-art advanced technology: Supercomputers, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Image Analysis Techniques, and Big Data.
Prior to joining RCC, Teodora earned her doctorate degree in Computer Science at Toulouse University in France. She won international challenges (IUS PICMUS 2016) in beamforming for ultrasound medical imaging.
Dora cannot forget the long nights reading Jules Verne and imagining herself in all his adventures. So far, she has lived in four countries, she speaks more than four languages, and she is passionate about all kinds of technological innovations, e.g.,: wearable electronics. She is bringing to MiiE this call for adventure that she learned from her heroes: Professor Lidenbrock and Richard Kennedy.

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