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Mayurakshi Ghosal

Computer Vision and Deep Learning RA

Mayurakshi Ghosal is a second-year undergraduate at the University of Chicago, studying Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning. She is passionate about diversity and fair representation in the field of Computer Science. Over the past few years, she has worked with young girls from low income families in her hometown, Kolkata, and in Chicago, teaching them basic coding skills, learning about their passion in technology and computer science, and encouraging them to pursue a degree in the field despite all the hurdles and challenges they might face, some important ones being resistance from the family (which is a major problem that adolescents face in India) and receiving an equal standing in the workplace. She believes that issues related to any kind of diversity, be it in terms of gender, race, culture, disability, or socioeconomic factors, stem from biases that people are exposed to and internalize from a very young age. To tackle this, Mayurakshi has used her love for theatre to put together several street theatre performances and musicals for young children, emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with people from diverse backgrounds. She is excited to continue this journey by analyzing the diversity of and uncovering underlying biases in children’s books that made up a large part of her childhood. Will the Roald Dahl and Ruskin Bond books remain her childhood favorites after this journey? That’s something she is looking forward to finding out!

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