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Ayush Raj

Natural Language Processing RA

Ayush Raj is a senior from Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, CA. He is deeply passionate about problem-solving, and math and CS are his favorite subjects at school. Outside of school, he loves collaborating for hackathons & machine learning projects, and he enjoys inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers in his community through competitive math classes. In his spare time, he enjoys watching basketball (Go Warriors!), playing video games, and going on hikes. In the future, he hopes to major in computer science with a focus in machine learning, and he would love to build tools and technologies that make the world a better place. Ayush's favorite TV show from childhood was Phineas and Ferb. The brothers' creativity and inventions showed him that imagination has no boundaries and inspired him to think creatively while solving problems. It is still one of his favorite TV shows to this day!

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